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San Miniato

Welcome to Tuscany ! Welcome to Agriturismo Settesoldi ! Welcome to this hill near the ancient village of Bucciano, a stone’s throw from San Miniato, as it appears on maps and road signs. San Miniato is also called San Miniato al Tedesco due to its German origins. The town of the white truffleas gourmands describe it …


San Miniato

..and Città slow (the slow town) due to its reputation as a “Città del buon vivere”( City of the good life) as listed on this prestigious website. www.cittaslow.net Town of the twenty miles name that comes from the old Florentine measurement of distance corresponding to about 35 km

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Twenty miles from San Miniato you find the most important Tuscan cities such as: Pisa..



…Firenze,LuccaSienaPistoia,VolterraSan Gimignano,still at about one hour from all the Tyrrheanium cost, starting from the picturesque Cinque Terre”,


golfo di Baratti

..down to “ Populonia” and the” Golfo di Baratti” passing thru: Livorno, Castiglioncello, Bolgheriwith its Cyprus trees. Our Agriturismo can also be called the “Agriturismo of the Twenty Miles “due to its fortunate position allowing our guests to reach these cities famed for their art.



Very interesting are also the large numbers of small villages and sites, often forgotten, reachable through  routes almost unknown, but fascinating and mysterious; I will be happy to suggest you all the ones that I know; Via Francigena that cross these territories is one of the most important.

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In the surroundings: Thermal bath with which we have special agreement , a Golf course, possibility to take horse riding lessons or take horse riding walks, go truffle hunting, wine tasting produced by my friends Eva and Leonardo Beconcini. Who wants to forget the car and relax by the pool,

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..to read in the woods, take walks on the surrounding hills ,playthe guitar or what you  like; important is very slowly.
The other important activity of the Agriturismo for which you should choose to come here is to  detoxify yourself  from tv;
Here does not exist the tv set !