during your stay you will have the opportunity at low cost to do these “EXPERIENCES”

-BACCANTE: visit to a famous winery and tasting of fine wines

-ARTOSCENARY: visit with Sergio to the small and unknown villages of the area and their artistic treasures (twice a week, normally on Mondays and Wednesdays)

-SOTTOTERRA; truffle hunting with expert  truffle hunter

-COCIOIO: small cooking class; “Cook with us” (twice a week, normally Friday and Saturday)

-BADATUNGI tasting of the various types of extra virgin olive oil of our production (FREE)

-BLACKMIRROR: don’t miss our important TV detoxification course (FREE)


For golf lovers, a few miles away there is a field equipped.

Guests also have the opportunity to observe, with the aid of a telescope, rare birds by day and stars by night, due to the almost complete darkness.

There are times and programs to facilitate the visit of museums, galleries, discounted entry to the baths, markets of various kinds and concert dates.